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We help you run a smarter Obstetrics and Gynaecological Practice

This new-age Practice Management Software (PMS) runs on a cloud-based platform and it is specially designed and developed to facilitate and manage Obstetrics and Gynecological practices more smoothly and efficiently without any error. This is a perfect women care portal that helps maintain women’s health. This advanced Practice Management System incorporates the advantage of six powerful modules that collectively work to improve the flow of information between doctors and patients with good intentions of driving efficiency in medical procedures as well as saving valuable time and lives.

Key Modules of MedzSoft

It’s backed by science

Condition-Specific Templates

Each pre-configured template provides a huge database of condition-specific medication with the latest available drug information to ease in prescription.

Preliminary Evaluation

Doctors can record a patient initial evaluation just on their fingertips with the help of pre-configured Evaluation Form so that they can spend their precious time focusing on what is relevant in the history.

Medical Records (EHR)

It helps a gynecologist or obstetrician track essential data anytime-anywhere, identifies patients due for preventive visits and screenings, and also closely monitors how patients measure up to certain parameters.

Chief Complaints

MedzSoft provides an extensive set of chief complaints help a gynecologist or obstetrician to relate various pregnancy and delivery complaints with other Ob/ Gyn/ medical history issues.

Procedural Templates

Pre-loaded procedural templates help with documentation of the procedures performed that can improve treatment accuracy and patient care, in addition, provide reproducibility.


Pre-configured ACOG forms help with documentation of structures such as Contraception History, Genetic Screening, Past Delivery, EDD Calculator, Birth Detail and a lot more to save time and money.

What Makes MedzSoft Different

It’s backed by science

MedzSoft GYN/OB software is a Team work of Doctors, Software Developers and researchers committed to advancing scientific understanding of the Healthcare Software.

Patient Virtual Care Mobile App

Facilitates your patients to securely request appointments and refills online, receive test results as they become available, utilize educational material and update their health status, history, demographics and Electronic Health record. It offers a perfect Patient portal (obs/gynae).

Anywhere, Anytime Access to Patient Data

Our healthcare system is working toward having electronically-accessible patient records which include a complete picture of patients’ health rather than single episodes of care and unnecessary testing is eliminated as clinical data is already available.

GYN/OB History

Record your patient’s past medical, social, genetic, family, and obstetric history.

Electronic Orders and Results

Interface with labs to transmit orders and receive results electronically.

Enterprise Scheduling

Optimize resource utilization, eliminate duplicate entry, improve communication and conserve valuable staff time with a single and seamless interface.

Meet Our Partners

Our partners contribute more than money

MedzSoft has been recognized by leading doctors nationwide. Their ideas, in-kind support and more are helping us to device innovative ways to benefits patients and communities.

Access MedzSoft from anywhere

Access MedzSoft from your Mac, PC, Smartphone or Tablet, from the clinic, on the road or from the comfort of home.

Patient Virtual Care Mobile App

Using Mobile App patients can instantly access their electronic health record, Emergency care & health education videos.

Anywhere, Anytime Access to Patient Data

Access patient data anytime, anywhere—safe, secure, and cloud-based

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We accelerate the understanding of
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